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Artist Statement

My work embodies patterns and energy systems created by the movement of water, air and other natural elements.  Abstract images are formed in my imagination as I walk the beach every day.  Using  layers of various materials found in my environment, I express the complex energy patterns within the water as I combine delicate handmade papers, rich oil pigments, and glass beads with a variety of recycled objects.  Surface colors are created using many layers of oil glazes to capture the colors of  the water which surrounds me.

As I work with these materials, I focus on the ways patterns interact throughout the layering process until suddenly the image in front of me comes to life. My thinking now has visual form. The result is a richly textured and layered surface that symbolizes the energy in moving water.

Currently, I am working with experimental ink drawings that are then cut into "droplets" and attached to canvases expressing the elegant sway of seaweed.

The series, Dancing Water, addresses the joy and playfulness of sunshine, gentle breezes, and of course, the swirling patterns inherent in the natural ebb and flow of water moving through the streams of my experience.