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Speedy Painting with ArtResin

As you know, I experiment with materials a lot.  I'm looking for new textures and surfaces. So, when the ArtResin company asked if I would post something about how I use ArtResin, I jumped on it! 




Below are some pics of me in the studio mixing resin with inks and creating a painting with it.  What I love about using resin to paint with is that it starts to dry and set up within a 1/2 hour, so it forces you to paint quickly.  This process leaves a spontaneous mark on your image.  No time for do-overs!  Just get working and let the painting do its thing.


Here goes......



#1  Protect the Edges:


I use painter's tape on the back of the substrate so it remains clean while resin is poured. 


*Hint:  I put a little matte medium along the edge of the tape so resin doesn't sneak in between.




 #2 Add Texture:


I decided to build up a little texture before painting with the resin, so I took a stencil and put some joint compound on it and let it dry.


I apply the spackle with a palette knife. 





Remove the stencil and let everything dry.




#3 Experiment with your materials. 


I wasn't sure if I could pull this off, so I added a little color before adding resin.  I use inks on almost everything. 


Don't try to be perfect.  Just have fun experimenting! 

#4  Time to mix the Resin


If you are using a small canvas you might wonder how much to mix.  ArtResin sends a chart with your order so you don't have to guess.  I made more than I thought I might need because I was planning to color it and use it as paint..... which I had not done before. 




*Note:  My husband wants me to tell you to stir it for a full three minutes.  He thinks I'm too quick with my stirring skills!



 #5  Let the experimenting begin!

Make sure you put your canvas on some tin cans or plastic cups to raise it off the surface.  If you don't do this, it will stick to your table!


Pour resin into plastic cups.  Add ink or fluid acrylics, or hi-flow acrylics or the experimental medium of your choice!



Grab some chopsticks (I always grab an extra set when I'm out.)


You will also want to use a paint brush, but just remember that it will solidify in a half hour!




#6  Oops!  I forgot to mention to open your windows!!!!!! 


 There's really not an odor, but you need ventilation.


#7  Start your speedy painting!


You will be able to feel the color mixture set up.  So, if you want to fill your canvas, then you need to HURRY UP!




I added strings, beads, and glitter while it was still liquid and easy to manipulate. 



I kept adding colored resin and pulling the mixture around the canvas. 





#9 Whoa...time to slow down


Soon the resin will begin to set up.  Your chopsticks will not be able to move the color around in a fluid manner.  That's perfect!  So, now, your only job is to make sure you finish the rest of your painting QUICKLY!


#10  Let it sit overnight.  In the morning, you'll have a bright, beautiful, textural painting.




Here's my finished painting:  "Happy Blossoms"





Not the end yet!




I loved this technique so much that I have decided to do some really large pieces.  So, until my order for painting boards with 2 inch cradles comes in, I plan to use whatever is in the studio.


Here's one I created the other day..  LOVE the spontaneity of it.  Needs a title..... Any ideas?





Now we are finished!  Hurry..... go get your resin! Ssend me pics of your Speedy Paintings.










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