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-Use Pinterest to Get Inspired!

Do you know about Pinterest?  Its an interactive social media that can get your creative juices flowing.  Looking for inspiration in your art can be as easy as surfing the web, find something (anything) you like and "pin it".

The way Pinterest works is you set up a "board" with a theme or topic.  Then, as you come across images related to that theme, you "pin" them and they appear on your board.  Its an app that you bookmark and "click" when you like something.

I created a few boards already.  One board is titled:  100 Shades of Blue.  I'm having so much fun surfing the web as well as surfing Pinterest for "blue" images.  I've pinned several of my own paintings that were mostly blue, so they appear on my board, too.  Quite a few other people have "liked" my images and posted or "pinned" them onto their sites. 

The best way to use Pinterest for inspiration is set up a board for general things you like.  Anything goes.  Title it:  Things I Like, or Like This!, Love it....etc.

Then, play with this.  There is no pressure.  Just "pin" anything that catches your attention.  You'll notice in a few days that a "theme" develops.  Maybe its "shoes", or "food", or "portraits", etc.  Once you see a topic emerging, go with it.  Create another board with your new topic.  Surf the web for more images that fit your new category. 

Now... start drawing in your sketchbook.  "Shoes" are your thing? Then, create a series of shoe drawings.  Do a drawing a day for a month.  Transform the drawings into a painting.  Then, a series of paintings.

Try Pinterest just for fun and see where it takes you.  Let me know what you discover.  Meanwhile, check out my board:  100 Shades of Blue



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