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Finding Inspiration

for Your Art......

Anna Maria Island, Florida



-Sketchbook Mojo!

One of the best ways to develop ideas for new work and get your imagination going in a different direction is to use your sketchbook.  Whether you are filled with fantastic ideas or looking for something new to do, a daily sketchbook discipline will strengthen your repetoire.  Think about committing to a drawing a day.

Your sketchbook is:

  • Your travelog on your journey into creativity
  • Your portable studio
  • Your visual diary
  • Your visual thinking
  • A Creative Artist’s Best Friend !!!!!


Draw in your sketchbook EVERYDAY…..  Spend at least 15 minutes every day!

DOODLE or practice whatever you learned during the day….

Include:  plans, ideas, dates, resources……….

DO NOT  put the pencil down!!!!  Just keep drawing……..

Do lots of contours and blind contours!!!!!!!!!!!

Write notes to yourself……

Make lists of ideas and creative projects……..

Copy inspirational quotes…….

Sketch on location………  Get it down before it slips away!!!!!!!!



Try all kinds of drawing materials:  ballpoint pens, markers, stubby pencils, sticks in ink, water soluble pencils, graphite sticks, colored pencils, crayons, erasers, your fingers!!!! 



Doodling is creative visual wandering………  allowing our hands and minds to go where they will, almost automatically ………..  without preconceived plans…

Put down a mark or a shape and start drawing.  Build on previous marks, extend and distort shapes, shade, cross-hatch….  Lines can turn into something or they can wander aimlessly…….. FILL THE WHOLE PAGE !!!!


Here's an interesting video I found from the Foundation Drawing class at the School of Visual Arts.


Sketchbooks in Art History!

-Picasso filled over 175 sketchbooks (that we know of!) with his visual thinking, planning, doodling……..

-Leonardo da Vinci recorded his ideas, plans and inventions in his sketchbooks……..  he used reversed writing to disguise his ideas!


Sketchbook Ideas:

  • Fill a page in your sketchbook/journal in fifteen minutes. 
  • Don’t “make a picture.”  Write, draw,scribble with your pen anything that comes to mind.
  • Continuous contour of three objects overlapping (inside and outside edges)
  • Continuous contour of your face:  find every edge inside and out!!!
  • Turn on the TV and sketch a newsperson, an announcer, or a weather forecaster
  • Continuous contour of someone sitting in a chair
  • Continuous contour of a corner of a room (lots of detail), then add your  imagination…. Funny faces and things added to make it wild!
  • Draw three different formats on a page in your sketchbook.  Select an object (teapot, piggy bank, flower, etc.) and sketch the object three times stretching or squashing the object to fit the format.
  • Continuous contour of inside the refrigerator
  • Modified contour of kitchen sink filled with dishes
  • Draw the floor of your “messy” closet!!!
  • Contours of things with holes in them (at least 5 items)
  • Continuous contours of 3 glasses filled with water
  • Modified contour of your bathroom counter
  • Modified contour of a very small item as a “close-up” (larger than life)
  • Contour drawing of one item using both hands at once !!!
  • Drawings of your pet, or an animal you observe (squirrel, bird, etc.)
  • Contour of bag of chips spilled on table
  • Contour of cross section of a piece of fruit
  • Contour of contents of your backpack
  • Draw a pile of shoes
  • Draw a stack of books and papers
  • Draw a chess or checkers game in progress
  • Contour of someone sleeping (shhhh…..)
  • Tonal Drawing of several spoons and forks overlapping one another
  • Modified contour of back of a TV or VCR
  • Open your mouth, look in a mirror, draw everything you see!!!
  • Draw the pile of clothes you left on your bedroom floor!!!
  • Draw detailed textures of a wooden floor or door
  • Draw a tree looking up into the branches… lots of detail!!!

Make a committment to yourself to draw everyday for one month.

Get your groove going in your sketchbook!

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