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Artful Home

Living with original art gives us the opportunity to express our own unique tastes and styles, while sharing a personal connection with the artist.  Collectors surround themselves with creations that feed them emotionally, spiritually, and in untold ways. 

I've invited several of my collectors to share with us their experiences collecting artwork.  In these posts, they share how they made their choices and how the work enhances their surroundings.


All You Need is Love

Sometimes art is about love. It's a feeling. You might be drawn to a painting and can't explain why.  You just love it.  Its the colors and the movement, and something special you can't put your finger on. And then, someone who loves you adds their love to the mix.  And, next thing you know.... 

Ann Marie and Jim have been our collectors for several years.  I look forward to seeing them each year when they travel to Anna Maria Island.  They always make a point of joining us at openings and events. 

This past year, we were enjoying an art reception in February. And, love was in the air!  I asked Ann Marie to sum it up for us here:

“I had the most wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise! My “honey” and Deborah conspired to give me this beautiful painting she was finishing and I had admired. When we visited the gallery on Valentine’s Day, it had been wrapped and was presented to me.      

Those are tears of joy and love in my eyes. It now hangs in our bedroom and I see it every morning when I wake up and remember what a special gift it is. It also reminds me of our dear friends Deborah and Lex.” Ann Marie                     

There is a special bond created when you choose to live with images you love.  I'm so grateful when these synchronicities happen! 

Love is all you need......  Thanks Lennon-McCartney!





Artists as Collectors

The Artful Home....
This month, we hear from LuAnne Benson, a collector who is also an artist. It's not unusual for artists to collect the work of other artists, either for inspiration, for ideas, or perhaps, just for the love of art. Many artists trade with artist friends as well as purchase art in a gesture of support.

    "Summer Splash" 2015 Deborah Webster

     Mixed media, resin on canvas. 



 "As an artist myself, I love to watch other artists create their masterpieces.  I collect artwork of all my artist-friends to smile and to remember them each day in my home.  Deborah created this piece in her studio while I was taking a class there.  I fell in love with "Summer Splash". 

The incredible details of color and flowing movements excite me.""It fits beautifully in my new home.
And, it touches my heart deeply that Deborah created it"



Spin Cycles

Linda Johnson, from Vermont, created a conversation area in her home with this piece I painted several years ago called, "Spin Cycles."

 Serving as both decor and inspiration, art can add a sophisticated dimension to any area in your home.

"I was intrigued by the awesome textures that I could almost feel and the uncanny colors that changed minute to minute and the movement that swept through the picture like a mischievous breeze taking a short cut through the house."

"I do still love her work and appreciate it more and more.  I marvel at her imagination and confidence to do such a painting and will always be in awe, knowing that I needed this painting in my home to inspire myself to launch a new life."


Make it Personal

This month the featured collectors are Connie and Al Martin from upstate New York.  
After visiting my studio at Artspace Gallery in Anna Maria, Al and Connie decided they would like to commission a painting for their home.  Brainstorming long distance via the internet, we decided to incorporate personal items in this mixed media piece.  Connie produced several embroidered leaves at home, sent them to the studio and they were inserted into the overall design.  Color choices were made and, "Tidepool" was born!  


"When we were talking about creating the piece, Deb told us that we could add things to the painting.  In the process of conversation we decided to have Connie make some lace leaves with her embroidery machine.  We mailed them to Florida and they were incorporated into the painting."

We love to have our guests find the leaves.  We find great joy in having Deb's art work in our home.